# Satisfyer Devices

# How do I connect my Satisfyer device to a desktop/laptop?

Satisfyer devices are unfortunately somewhat finnicky to connect to a desktop/laptop versus phones, because of their increased security requirements.

First and foremost, Windows/Linux users will need to use a Cambridge Silicon Radio bluetooth dongle. Dongles with other radio brands (Broadcomm, Intel, RealTek, etc...) have been found to possibly connect but not communicate with Satisfyer devices.

All Satisfyer devices must be paired with the operating system. This means that you will need to go into the bluetooth dialog of your operating system to pair the device. No PIN code should be required, and devices should show up as either "SF [device name]", though they may also just show up as "Unknown Device" and then show their name after pairing. If your device refuses to pair, it may be due to it being paired to another device, such as your mobile phone, or another desktop. Satisfyer toys offer a way to reset pairing by holding down a certain button on the device. Each device has a different button for this, so check your manual for the Factory Reset Button information for your specific toy.

From the Satisfyer FAQ (opens new window):

Hold the factory reset button designated in your devices manual for 10 seconds, until you feel 3 haptic pulses in a row. Release the button. There should then be 5 quick pulses in a row to indicate a successful reset.

After a toy is paired with the operating system, using it with Intiface/Buttplug should be the same as any other toy. If you want to use a Satisfyer toy with another device, you will have to redo this pairing again.